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Automatic Horizontal Plate Glass Washing Drying Machinery
  • Automatic Horizontal Plate Glass Washing Drying Machinery

Automatic Horizontal Plate Glass Washing Drying Machinery

Описание продукта

1600mm 1200mm Automatic Horizontal Plate Glass Dust Removal Washing and Drying Machine for Insualting Glass Processing on Sale
Product Description
JNLJ-2500C Automatic Horizontal Glass Washing and Drying Machine
JNLJ-2500C Automatic Horizontal Glass Washing Machine consists of in-feed, washing, drying & out-feed section. To make good washing performance and quick air dry, it adopts 3 pairs brushes and 2 pairs air knives with 1pc air blower. It fits for tempered glass, solar glass, laminated glass, Low-e glass or any other flat glass processing.
Equipment advantages


Horizontal structure, simple operation. The machine frame adopts heavy thickness aluminum alloy to avoid to be out of shape when working for a longtime. With stainless steel water sink and high pressure pre-spraying (high pressure pump) in loading ( in-feed), the rubber roller can pre-wash automatically to clean out the glass powder or scraps. Brush: The top and bottom brushes transmit by 1 motor respectively. Water tank (with heater): 2 water tanks total, 1 for pre-wash, another for washing section. Blower: Low noise and vibration. Conveying adopts frequent converter, digital display and convenient operation, which do good to connect with double edging line, hollow glass line, safety glass line, etc. Table rollers adapt superior rubber and transmitted by gear wheel which makes a stable working. Side covers and tanks and any other water touched material adopt stainless steel 201. Washing and Drying section can be lifted to Max. 400mm by adjustment on electrical board with 4 legs(corners) increasing through motors and encoder. 2 pairs air knives adopt advanced technique device, large power and quick air dry.

The Aluminum Alloy Structure

The whole cleaning equipment adopts aluminum alloy assembled tripod, which is stable and durable, not easy to change. The surface of the aluminum alloy aluminum profile adopts negative oxidation treatment, which is not easy to be corroded by water.

The Water Tank Adopts #201 Stainless Steel

The water tank, the shield and the place in contact with the water are made of #201 stainless steel, which is harder than #304 stainless steel and contains high manganese. Chromium-rich oxides will be formed on the surface of the steel body to protect the steel body from water rust

The Gear Transmission

The equipment adopts gear transmission as a whole, and the transmission efficiency is high, generally η=0.94~0.99; the transmission ratio has a wide range, especially when planetary transmission is used, the transmission ratio can reach 100-200 (single-stage), which is suitable for deceleration or Speed-increasing transmission; reliable operation and long service life.

The Lifting System

The lifting system is driven by a servo motor, driven by a lifting screw, and combined with a gear drive. It has the characteristics of low friction loss, high transmission efficiency, and high axial rigidity. In addition, the starting torque of ball screw pair is Smaller, there will be no crawling phenomenon like sliding motion, and it can ensure the realization of precise micro-feed and high-speed feed.

The Rubber Roller Transmission

The feeding port and the discharging port of the equipment adopt frequency conversion transmission, and the operation screen is displayed for easy operation. The rubber roller is made of high-quality nitrile rubber, driven by gears, and runs smoothly. It can be connected with edging line, hollow line and laminated line for data connection and unified control.

The Imported PLC Control System

The PLC control system can be equipped with the Taiwan Delta or Germany Siemens control system according to the actual requirements of the customer. The PLC control system can be directly connected to the network, connecting the loading and unloading CNC robots to achieve a smart factory with integrated operation.
Main Technical Parameter
Max. width
Min. size
Glass thickness
Working table height
Blower power
Total power
Low-e require
Water heater
Processing speed
Processing-speed suggestion as follow:
4mm~8mm thickness, speed suggested to 8-12m/min
10mm~12mm thickness, speed suggested to 4~6m/min
15mm~19mm thickness, speed suggested to 2-3m/min
20mm and more, speed suggested to 0.5-1.5m/min

Main machine frame
Aluminum alloy + steel, no deformation.
High pressure pump
China famous brand: Shanqing
Frequency converter of conveying
China famous brand: Kailida
Brush motor
China famous brand: Jinxing
China famous brand: HRE
Electrical Appliance
Rubber roller
NBR Perduran(sour liquid forbiddion), stainless steel 304 shaft
Water tank, sink, side covers, all parts touch water
Stainless steel 201

Insulating Glass Sealing Robot
Glass Lifter
Glass Cutting Machine
Glass Edge Finishing Machine
Glass Washing Machine


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О Компании
  • название компании: JINAN KATION TRADING CO.,LTD
  • представитель: jichangpeng
  • Продукт / Услуга: Линия по производству стеклопакетов , Станок для гибки проставок , Робот для герметизации стеклопакетов , Стеклянный подъемник , Станок для резки стекла , Стиральная машина для стекла
  • капитал: 3000000RMB
  • Год создания: 2009
  • Годовой Оборот: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Процент Экспорта: 41% - 50%
  • Общий годовой объем покупки (млн. долл. США): Below US$1 Million
  • Число производственных линий: 3
  • Число научных сотрудников: 11 -20 People
  • Число работников Отдела контроля качества: 5 -10 People
  • OEM услуги, предоставляемые: yes
  • Плошадь завода (м2): 10,000-30,000 square meters
  • Адрес Завода: Qihe
  • Контактное Лицо: Ms. June
  • Номер Телефона : 86-0531-18678875966
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